Rules # 1 - The Basics

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Rules # 1 - The Basics

Post  Zetsumei Seikirai on Sun Jan 11, 2009 3:27 pm

The Basic Rules of RolePlay

1. There will be no godmodding. It makes games boring, and is evidence of an unpracticed roleplayer. Don't point yourself out as a novice by doing this. Simple.

2. Try not to use net speak. It has no place being in quality rp's. For one, these acronyms are unintelligible and go against the basic idea of legibly in writing. Spelling is not so difficult so please try hard to spell correctly. Perfection is not required, just conscious effort.

3. The aforementioned rule brings me to my next one; attempt to use proper grammar. Trying to use spell check on 'Word-esque' programs is an easy way to follow this rule.

4. Don't use one liners. Such comments lack creativity and are a pain to respond to. Have courtesy for your fellow role players and give them more to work with. One Paragraph posts are the lowest standard.

5. Don't kick off major character changes in characters that are not yours. This is rude and completely unnecessary. This is the job of the character's author, but of course if you have suggestions you should feel free to PM suggestions to them.

6. Attempt to keep vulgarities to a minimum. To be truthful I am not against swearing, but sometimes such explicatives are unnecessary. In RP's they are acceptable to some extent, but it expresses a lack of creativity in language.

7. What happens in a role play stays in a role play. This will keep the drama to a minimum. There may be things that initiate conflict within the setting of a mission or something of the like; but they are based in fantasy. Don't hold grudges OOC; again its unnecessary.

8. Don't double post. Its a bit frustrating to other players, and takes up needless space, just try not to do it. Wait patiently for the next post.

and thus are the basics of role play.


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