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Post  Zetsumei Seikirai on Sun Feb 15, 2009 12:49 pm

Welcome to Kirigakure no Sato...The Village Hidden in the Mists.
The village lies amidst the deep forests of the water country, disguised by the darkness and fog. The bloody mist has a name that is incredibly appropriate, for blood feeds the trees, makes their roots grow deep as their canopies engulf all light; it causes the mists to gather in thick masses and swirl in tumultuous thirst. The village itself is built into the forest, it is one with it; camouflaged by the constituents which lends the village is terrifying appeal. This place need no village walls as the other villages do, the forest itself is more effective than any man made structure.

Few know the exact location of this place, and even fewer people still are brave enough to venture there. And if wanterers are not careful, they will find a kunai embeded so deeply in their throats that their off-spring shall be tasting steal for generations. The borders of the village are patroled constantly by chuunin, jounin, and ANBU; all ninja must serve this post once a month. If someone wishes to enter this village and not be killed, he or she must find the Torri gate hidden along the threshold of the forest and then enter. It is a simple thing but an important one to distinguish yourself as a proprietor instead of a foe.

A visitor will be led through the forest by an armed nin, blindfolded for secrecy's sake. The location of a village is its most powerful secret, and mist shinobi take that secret seriously. It is about a 30 minute journey on foot before one reaches the enterance to the village and from the there the blindfold is removed. But, it is to be known that once in the village there will be an escort, and the patron will be watched at all times during his or her stay. Yes, at one point or another all ninja will be the baby sitters of these persons.

OoC: Rules
1. Ninja will be assigned to one of these duties at one point or another
2. If you play in the forest then be prepared for the dangers that lurk within
3. Start a thread of your own, and even if you start a new assignment or just want to play in the forest just post in that thread.
4. Again, no godmodding
5. Thorough posts! This is as much an rp section as a mission would be.
6. This is not a place for ooc, do not post here please. ^_^
7. Have fun ^_^


Thanks to Cdawgg [RPGFO]
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