Rules #2 - Rules of our World

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Rules #2 - Rules of our World

Post  Zetsumei Seikirai on Sun Jan 11, 2009 6:15 pm

1. Naruto, sasuke, Pein, Haku, Jiraya; NONE OF THEM EXIST. This is a different reality of the same world. There are the same Nations, the same hidden villages, same jutsus, same heirarchies of ninja; nearly everything is the same except for specific characters

2. There are tailed beasts (Bijū) and are captured within their hosts (Jinchūriki).
((anyone wishing to play such a character would need to contact an administrator before doing anything))

3. There exist the 5 main countries: Fire, Earth, Water, Wind, Lightning. In these Countries there are the five main hidden villages of the ninja: Konohagakure, Kirigakure, Iwagakure, Sunagakure, and Kumogakure.

4. Just like in the show off of which this site is based, ALL ninja will begin in the academy. There may be some exceptions, but those will only be made after a rather laborous application is filled out to the satisfaction of the admin.

5. Smaller hidden villages and countries also exist but will not be represented by characters in the beginning. Missions may come form these other countries, or missing nin may come from these other countries; but such things are not to be the concern of most players in the beginning. If you develop an interest in this then please contact one of the admin.

6. The Kage are the leaders of the villages. Just as anbu are the 'secret protection squads' of the villages. Each village has their own Kage and ANBU squad; just as they have their own academy.

7. At the present in our game is set in a time of struggle and strife among nations and villages. It is not the time of peace during which Naruto is set. They are not engaged in outright war, but they are undergoing an age of brittle peace which could be offset at any moment. So, keep this in mind for possible plot shifts.

8. Secret organizations such as Akatsuki could exist if done properly. But something like that should not be copied exactly. If you wish, once you have reached an appropriate level in the game, to start such a society, please first contact your admin as well as the kage of your village. This same action will occur if you wish to become a missing nin.

9. Existing Jutsus are the same as in Naruto (for the most part). But on the same note, original characters can also develop original jutsu, just post them in the correct topic and wait for them to be accepted by admin or global mods.

possibly more to come. ^_^


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