Guide #1 - World Map

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Guide #1 - World Map

Post  Zetsumei Seikirai on Sun Jan 11, 2009 9:43 pm

**Red: Fire Country
**Light Blue: Water Country
Purple: Sound Country
**Brown: Earth Country
Grey/Blue: Rain Country
Bright Green: Grass Country
Blue: Waterfall Country
**Yellow: Lightning Country
**Green: Wind Country

**1. Konohagakure - Village Hidden in Tree Leaves
**2. Kirigakure - Village Hidden in the Mist
3. Otogakure - Village Hidden in Sound
**4. Iwagakure - Village Hidden in the Rocks
5. Amegakure - Village Hidden in Rain
6. Kusagakure - Village Hidden in the Grass
7. Takigakure - Village Hidden in the Waterfalls
**8. Kumogakure - Village Hidden in the Clouds
**9. Sunagakure - Village Hidden in the Sand

** = The villages that our role play will be most consciously dealing with


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