Reidokiri Jin-Kumogakure; village hidden in the clouds.

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Reidokiri Jin-Kumogakure; village hidden in the clouds.

Post  Reidokiri Jin on Sun Jan 11, 2009 10:21 pm

Reidokiri Jin
Jin is known as 'two faced'. Normally he is calm and collected, patient and watchful; never causing trouble. Rarely speaking anything but kind words about people and even in this regard fairly tight-lipped. When fighting or annoyed with someone however he snaps loose of his normal reserve and goes into a bit of a frenzy, letting loose any pent up frustration on whoever it is that happens to irk him.
Jin stands at a good 5ft 5inches, weighing in at about 124lbs. His overall frame is lean, neither fat nor muscle are in excess as he only has a little of both. A full head of stubbornly wild black hair juts out at every possible angle, as well as a few that press against impossibility. Deepset dark green eyes sit amidst a smooth face carrying his skin's healthy tan. His mouth is almost always set in a seemingly awkward smile, as though he were unsure how to go about truly smiling. His normal attire consists of shades of black, red, and gray with the occasional white shirt. Normally he wears a gray white shirt beneath his grandfather(on his mother's side) hand me down jounin-vest, atop which he usually, though not always sports a long crimson colored overshirt of which he has a good number, left unbuttoned and trailing. His lower half usually lays claim to baggy black pants and generic ninja shoes over simple white tabi socks. Jin has a single scar on the back of his left hand that goes across it diagonally, the scar just barely peeks out from behind a hand wrap, which he wears only on his left arm; though whether this is simply for the purpose of covering the scar or has some other purpose is unknown. The scar originated early on in his childhood when in a fight with his neighbors; beaten and battered by three older children he was able to knock one of them unconscious by slamming their head into the ground, enraged one of the other boys drew a knife on him, scarring his hand badly before fleeing, fearing getting in trouble. Jin plans to wear his headband about his neck loosely, letting it fall upon his chest like his mothers'. Jin wears his kunai pouch around his left leg and across his back wields a sword sheath in which he houses his prized weapon; Kazehana, a nodachi. Nodachi are a type of japanese longsword which are used to fold the opponent under the rapidly moving weight rather than to simply cut, though Kazehana's edge is kept sharp. It is a longsword, and usable even against cavalry, it's size however makes it ineffective in close quarters. This blade is an heirloom from his great grandfather, an out of date weapon that is unwieldy and often hard to manage, he has been training with it since the days of being picked on in his childhood; accepting swordsmanship training from his father in order to defend himself. Jin almost always looks as though he is leaning slightly forward, usually this is because he is, the weight of his sword causing him to stand at a bot of an angle to keep from falling over when he was younger having developed into a full-time habit.

Henge no Jutsu; Transformation Technique
Rank: E ninjutsu

Bunshin no Jutsu; Clone Technique
Rank E ninjutsu

Kawarimi no Jutsu; Replacement Technique
Rank: E ninjutsu

BaraHana Arashi Genkaku; Rose Petal Storm Illusion
Rank : D genjutsu

kunai, 3 exploding tags, the nodachi 'Kazehana'; breeze edge
An entire life story would be not only long but more than likely quite dull as well, in order to avoid driving away any attention you may have for Jin's tale let me begin by simply summing up the early years and then skip through big events.
Alright, here goes; Jin was born and raised in the land of clouds dead center of the lightning country. As a child he was rambunctious and noisy, a real troublemaker, always getting into everyone's hair. Unfortunately for him this happened to gain him quite a few enemies among the other children. His parents took a negative view of his behavior and were always trying to get him to calm down, usually to no avail. His mother is a jounin for the land of clouds, his father retired from his job as a mid ranking soldier, knowing next to nothing of the ninja arts, how the two wound up together is anyone's guess. After a brutal attack by some of his neighbors when he was a young boy of around five his father decided enough was enough. Within the next three days Jin was told not to speak, even once, and as a reward he would be taught to defend himself. Three days, so many times he nearly cracked, wanting to yell at his tormentors or even just to hear his own voice; at the end of it all his father took down an old sword from above the mantle, handing it down to Jin, who immediately fell over with the sheathed weapon in his arms. "Thank you father..." His only words, quite different from before, a lesson learned in his time of silence would stick with him forever onward. Don't cause trouble and the rewards could be great. From there on his father trained him, no ninja techniques, basic swordsmanship that had been learned from army service. Still, all the more worthwhile for the fact that the imposing blade stayed his attackers hands, if only for a bit, not to mention that it gave him a chance to see his father in a new light; something other than the cheery bookish drunkard he had become. After seeing his progress with the sword his mother became a bit jealous that she wasn't able to help him out, taking him aside one day she decided of her own accord that the boy could do to learn a few jutsus.
Age 11, now a semi-proficient swordsman and a master of the basics of the ninja arts Jin asks his parents if he can join the Kumogakure ninja academy, his father is a bit worried yet hopeful, his mother is pleased beyond words to the point where she can only go "Oh my... aft... and now.. my little boy... ", a huge grin spread across her features as she hugged him and his father chuckled at his wife's out of character emotional state. They set off at once to register him and at the start of the next term he began his official training, the skills passed down from his parents allotting him skill surpassing nearly half the class from the get-go.
Now at age 13 he is nearing his graduation and at the top of his class, the apple of his parent's eye and the equal or better rival of his childhood foes. However, he views this as not being enough; after all, the graduates are better than him from what he's seen, and what of those children of the other hidden villages? The world calls, and he is practically dying to answer.
Jin's name translates roughly to 'man of zero boundaries' or, put simply 'man without limits' and this is how he sees himself, as something that can and will always be improved.
Jin shows a proficiency in the wind and lightning elements, he is sure to learn more skills in these categories later on.

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Re: Reidokiri Jin-Kumogakure; village hidden in the clouds.

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