Rules #3 - Character Rules

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Rules #3 - Character Rules

Post  Zetsumei Seikirai on Sun Jan 11, 2009 11:24 pm

1. You are only going to be playing one character throughout the course of this role play. You do not change from one to another. But if you do happen to wish to change villages, then you will need to again begin in the academy.

2. Your username is also your character's name

3. Throughout the site you will be playing as your character, not OOC. The only place in which you will not be representing your character is in the general discussion section and within the chatbox. Out of character conversations pertaining to role plays can take place in PM's.

4. Your character can not pull random jutsu out of the air. Only the jutsu's mentioned within your generated profile (this may change as you learn more advanced jutsu) are the only ones that you may use.

5. Your character will be in groups of threes or fours depending on the situation. Be patient in the beginning, because you may have to wait to get enough people into your group, or if you discuss the situation with your Kage, they may allow you to do extremely small missions as a way of increasing your jutsu points.

6. You may not become a missing nin until you become a jonin. If you wish to leave before hand there must be a satisfactory explanation as to why.

7. At the beginning of your character's existance, since all players are beginning as students, the elders are going to be represnted by general announcements by your admin, Kage, and ANBU (globals and mods) then once the game plays out the positions will be filled. But do not think that because there are not physical leaders yet that the games will not be structured.

8. Your alliance first and foremost is to your village. Any disloyalty will be punished harshly.

9. There are romances. Such adds depth to story lines, and there is never a great story without a little bit of it. This sort of thing will be played out in your village threads.

possibly more to come.


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