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Kozu's Jutsu

Post  Chigiri Kokuzoku on Tue Jan 13, 2009 6:52 pm

Name: Chishuujuku
Classification: Bloodline trait
Rank : Chigiri Clan
Type: Supplementary
Chakra: Starts Chakra at 75%
Range: Self
Description: Allows user to take control of blood similarly to the way water elements are used. The Chigiri clan has a naturally

increased heart rate; in order to increase available blood for techniques. Can take control of the blood of others if in contact. As a secondary effect; Kozu is able to absorb blood and by constantly depleting 1/4 of the user's Chakra, and condense it to viable proportions. This allows him to increase his personal reserves.
Weaknesses: Needs available blood source, and if taking own blood; drains stamina. Constantly leaves user with only 75% of his chakra.

Name: Chisouran
Classification: Bloodline trait - ninjutsu
Rank : Chigiri clan
Type: Attack/Defense
Chakra: 15
Range: Moderate
Description: Shapes and solidifies available blood into a dense defensive wall, or sharp offensive spines (Senbon shaped)
Weaknesses: Needs blood source, Canceled out by a higher or equal rank fire jutsu.

Name: Gyaku Genkotsu; Reverse fist
Classification: Taijutsu
Rank: D
Type: Fighting Style
Chakra: 10
Range: Moderate
Description: This Jutsu was learned from a book owned by Kokuzoku’s father. After his death, Kokuzoku found and opened it. The first page stated, “Dear Kokuzoku, I fear I will not be able to teach you this myself, as the clan is undergoing obvious changes for the worse. If you read this book, read it page by page, do not skip ahead. I love you, do well with your life.” After many months of learning the book, Kokuzoku made it to the last page, which contained an explosive tag; destroying the book.
The user faces away from they're opponent. They then assume the stance; which looks somewhat like the stance of Capoeira Angola. In a common Capoeira Angola stance, a leg is placed forward with the body's weight on it, with the other leg extended backwards. The stance is constantly shifted between legs, bouncing left to right as well, depending on the leg changing. This keeps the user in a constant state of motion, increasing the speed and power of his/her attacks. The arms are bent 90 degrees at the elbow, and move in conjunction with the legs, the same way one would run. Because the user is not facing the opponent as in Capoeira Angola, nearly all attacks and dodges are different, meaning only the stance is duplicated. Most Gyaku Genkotsu attacks focus on the legs, and keeping low to the ground. Because the user seems to be visually unprepared for the fight, most attackers lower their guard. Even once this fighting style is mastered, most continue to perform it as if they were D-ranked, as to keep the opponent’s guard down. The main attacks while in this stance are: Swinging the elbows backwards, Spinning/sweeping kicks, and slides and flips. As the user progresses, new attacks become available; such as advanced combos and counter-attacks. Even when facing the opponent, this stance rarely uses blocks, but instead utilizes dodges. Because the attacks and dodges are extremely unpredictable; this fighting style is very hard to attack or defend against. Because the back is to the target, most Jutsus preformed are hidden. Although this style may seem to focus on a certain “Wow factor”, and confusing the enemy, it is a very solid style which can hold its own.
Weaknesses: It is a good fighting style, though is easily defeated by someone who specializes in Taijutsu. Because it is used mainly as a way to tire an opponent out before being hurt enough to provide blood for Chigiri Jutsu; this style is useless to basically everyone else. Although it hides the use of Jutsu from the opponent, it also hides the opponent’s use of Jutsu. The environment remains fairly unknown to the user; only being seen out of the corner of an eye, or during a spinning attack. Once again, because only the target can be seen, traps are far more effective. Though Chigiri use the tools thrown at them to cause bleeding, it is unknown what may be thrown at them; meaning it could hit a vital point, or even have an exploding tag attached.
Limit: Passed down in the Chigiri clan.

Name: Chi karyuudo; Blood hunter
Classification: Ninjutsu
Rank : D
Type: supplementary
Chakra: 15
Range: Far
Description: The user forms the proper hand seals, then, the user feels all blood within the area and locks on to one of them. Locking on to him/her with the use of chakra, creating somewhat of a sixth sense allowing the user to 'Feel' the target's blood, giving them a basic outline of the arms, legs, torso, and head. While in lower levels, and depending on the amount of chakra used; the user can see anywhere between basic arm, leg, torso, and head veins; all the way to a detailed schematic of the entire circulatory system. Because the user can sense the blood in the opponent’s body, he/she can sense the target while visually impaired, such as; with their eyes closed, in the dark, while blind, or in a visually concealing jutsu, Hidden mist technique for example, aids this jutsu very well. Bunshin no Jutsu also has no effect, as the user can see the blood of the chosen target.

Weaknesses: Kage Bunshin no Jutsu is highly effective against this jutsu, as it creates multiple opponents. The further the distance, the harder it is to keep a hold of the target; and also increases the amount of chakra needed.
Limit: Chigiri Clan

Name: Chi- torappu: Supaiku Senpuku; Blood-trap: Spike Concealment
Classification: Ninjutsu
Rank : C
Type: Attack/Defense
Chakra: 50
Range: Close
Description: with his/her own blood, the user draws a circle on the ground (Any size), they then write specific symbols from the top of the circle, to the bottom, then from the left to right. (In the end it is a circle split into 4’s by the symbols.) The larger the circle, the larger the symbols must be. Once completed; the user forms the appropriate hand-seals (a long series of seals). Once the hand seals are completed, the circle seeps into the ground. The user then spills as much blood as he/she wishes into the middle of the circle. As the blood touches the ground, it seeps in instantly. When any person besides the user touches a spot within the circle, the blood (which was spilled after the circle was completed) instantly forms into the shape of a spike, shooting out into whatever touched it, impaling it to the ground. If enough blood is used, multiple targets can be pinned.
Weaknesses: Because of the obvious time needed to complete this jutsu, it is not useful during battle, unless prepared before hand. This jutsu cannot distinguish between allies and foes. An extensive amount of blood is needed to complete the seal, let alone the actual blood used for the attacking portion.
Limit: Chigiri Clan

Name:Chi Gurabu; Blood Glove
Classification: Ninjutsu
Rank : C
Type: Attack/Defense
Chakra: 70
Range: Close to moderate
Description: Utilizing cuts on the user’s hands and arms, as well as available blood is touched by the hands or arms; the user makes fists pushes chakra into their hands. They then expand and shape the blood into a large sphere centered around the fist, some blood hardens on the wrist as well, preventing wrist movement. The blood hardens, creating a dark red crystallized sphere of blood around the fists; approximately 8 to 9 inches in Diameter, though, because it is hardened blood, it is rarely an exact sphere. The blood around the fingers is still liquid, giving them some freedom of movement. From this point, multiple steps can be taken.
1) If the first and second finger are extended, (and as long as there is enough blood available) Blood travel to, and harden, at the end of the sphere, forming a large blade about three feet long, the base of the blade begins at the top and bottom of the sphere, meaning it is just as tall. (Near the middle of the blade, the bottom begins to slowly thin out, giving it a point, just like a normal sword.
2) If the First and fourth finger are extended, (and as long as there is enough blood available) the sphere will begin to grow spikes in random spots. The spikes range from 5 to 8 inches.
3) If the last three fingers are extended, (and as long as there is enough blood available) the spheres will launch forward, keeping attached to the user’s arms by a long stream of blood. It will extend a maximum of 10 feet. By returning the three fingers to a fist, the sphere will retract very quickly, and re-attach itself to the user’s fist.
Any or all of the three options can be combined. Options 1 and 2 cannot be used while using option 3. They can, however, be used before or after. Options 1 and 2 cannot be retracted, and will stay on the sphere until it is released. The sphere can be released by extending all four fingers at once.

Weaknesses: Cannot use other jutsu while this jutsu is active. Each of the three options takes large, separate, amounts of blood to perform. The arms are difficult to rise while the spheres are active, due to the weight (Most attacks are based off of momentum). Cannot use ninja tools.
Limit: Chigiri clan

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