The Memorial Monument

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The Memorial Monument

Post  Zetsumei Seikirai on Fri Jan 16, 2009 3:43 pm

GOREIZEN NI OSONAE KUDASAI - Please offer a prayer for the soul of the deceased

This Memorial Monument is a carved stone Cenotaph located near the Hokage Monument. It was constructed for the remembrance of all those Konoha shinobi killed in action; representing that not only were these men and women valued Konoha ninja, but also that they died as heroes of their village. You may come here to honor those who have come before you. Leave flowers, or a memento of your appreciation for their sacrifice, or leave nothing for that matter. But remember this a place of commemoration! Respect the dead, do not make a joke of their legends.

OOC - A list will be posted here in time, of those dead ninja.
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