Outskirts: Cloudy Meadow

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Outskirts: Cloudy Meadow

Post  Hansoui Shinto on Fri Jan 16, 2009 8:48 pm

Cloudy Meadow
This is a large meadow that is very very foggy. It is almost impossible to see and there are quite a few ditches a ninja could fall in, not to mention one or two quick sand spots.
In it is a
Single Tree;
It is a single twisted tree in the mist. It is hidden and looks ancient. There is a legend that it has magic healing powers.

The Cloudy Meadow is a tranquil enough place, but treacherous for those who don't know how to avoid or circumvent the ditches. Any seeking to enter should make a note to keep track of how far in they are and which direction they came from, the low visibility making it all too easy to get lost within.
Cloudy meadow; Storm Field.
Through the jonin's use of various electrical based jutsu the tranquil meadow is transformed into the dangerous Storm field. The fog all around conducting non-lethal amounts of lightning at random intervals, enough to temporarily paralyze or simply knock out. The danger of ditches and low-visibility are enhanced by the fact that the fog itself is literally against you. The change is only undertaken during the academy exams, however sudden storms may sometimes cause similar effects.

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