Village Square

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Village Square

Post  Hansoui Shinto on Fri Jan 16, 2009 8:53 pm

Village Square
This is the central market for Kumogakure; there are many shops and stalls all around it, bustling with people going about their daily business. It is the best place to go to buy anything from ordinary household supplies to a unique a gift for someone special there are even a few places selling ninja tools, though most often such supplies are found elsewhere.
In the center of the busy square is a huge fountain carved to represent the image of the first Raikage and founder of the Hidden cloud village.
He stands tall and proud, atop swirling clouds, the water trickling out from an upraised hand, palm facing skyward. The fountain is a great place to sit and eat lunch while watching the hustle and bustle around you, people of all ages sit around it and chat.

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