Zetsumei Seikirai - Kirigakure (Village Hidden in the Mist)

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Zetsumei Seikirai - Kirigakure (Village Hidden in the Mist)

Post  Zetsumei Seikirai on Sat Jan 17, 2009 3:10 pm

Name: Zetsumei Seikirai [Sei]

Age: 12

Personality: Sei is a very quiet and reserved child; keeping mostly to herself from a very young age, she never received the lessons of sociality. Because of this she tends to be extremely untrusting and contemptuous upon a first meeting. From the beginning of memory Seikirai received the disdain of nearly every soul within her village, merely because of her questionable heritage. This obviously did not help her issues with interpersonal relations. Sei is a very serious girl preferring hours of study and training over those of games; finding that in solitude she is able to accomplish more than with others. The girl is extremely observant and calculating; always on alert of her surroundings (a tendency stemming from her distrust). She has been reluctantly dubbed a genius, because her adept affinity to learn both information and techniques. Sei cares neither for the term, nor for those who have bestowed it upon her. This represents the girl’s natural quarrel with authority. Despite her outward appearance, Sei is actually quite humble, never boasting about her powers, always alert of the fact that there is always someone more powerful ( a lesson perpetually boasted by her mother). Her loyalty to those who she deems a loved one, though, is a deep thing, willing to risk her life in order to save theirs. But so far, no one has fallen into that category.

Appearance: Sei has a lanky and rather boyish physique. She does not have the best posture, tending to slouch and hulk about; but she is incredibly agile despite herself. Her thin lips are a pallid scarlet, her nose small and well proportioned to her heart-shaped face. She has a look of perpetual exhaustion with dark bags hanging beneath her almond eyes. Her visage seems almost ghastly from the contrast of her black hair and extremely pale skin. That hair is short, falling scarcely past the nape of her neck at its longest. The black tresses are ragged with a number of shaggy, carelessly cut layers and dark, crimson streaks dyed throughout. Her bangs are also long, falling in front of her eyes, hiding most of her face from sight. A Pallid alabaster, with a beautiful complexion, the girl skin tends to bruise easily; she has never really tanned, and burns quite badly when she does. She has wide, expressive eyes, with long lashes. Their deep olive irises are marbled shades of dirty green and hazel. The gaze usually possessed within those deep pools is blank and careless; but sometimes, when she is training or in a fight, her eyes light up with a curious life and vigor. And that is even before, the crimson bleeds into the irises, as her sharingan is initiated

Her black training pants hang just below the knee, pushed up because of the red athletic tape, wrapped around her feet, ankles, and calves. A black tank top is concealed behind an equally dark high-necked jacket, the right arm of which is ripped off at the shoulder (her mother had a bad day a few years back). She wears gloves, with metal protectors across the back of the hand. But because of an injury during one of the nearly 12 hour training sessions she was subjected to by her mother, Sei must wrap her right arm up to her elbow with that scarlet tape. But on that right shoulder, visible to the eye, the fan of the uchiha is scared into her arm because of an incident that the girl rarely ever speaks of, if ever. Hanging from her neck along with a number of talisman is her forehead protector; marking her unwavering allegiance.

- Kiri Gakure no Jutsu: English: Hidden Mist Technique
- Kokuun no Jutsu - Black Clouds Technique
- Housenka no Jutsu – Mythical Fire Phoenix Technique
- Ago Yakushin – Chin Dash
- Shunshin no Jutsu – Body Flicker Technique
- Kawarimi no Jutsu – Change of Body Stance Technique

Jutsu in progress:
- Ryuuka no Jutsu – Dragon fire Technique
- Goukakyuu no Jutsu – Great fire Ball Technique
- ( a number of personal jutsu attempting to combine her fire and watcher techniques)

Equipment: Since she was but a sprout Seikirai’s mother taught her the basics of sword play with tachi (a long sword just under 3 feet in length) which hangs over her shoulder within its sheath. As of yet she is not able to incorporate her ninjutsu into her sword but through her training she is making great strides towards this. In a pouch that hangs on her hip, the girl keeps a constant supply of ninja wire, three smoke bombs, and a small number of medical supplies. On her left leg three kunai are strapped to her thigh.

History: Sei was born in the January following the new MizuKage’s first year of power in Kirigakure. Her mother was the only parent that the girl had ever known and for the first five years of her young life she was under the impression that her father had been a great ninja that had died protecting his nation. But such was not the case, as she would later find out. Her mother, herself was once known as a great ninja. But upon the conception of her child, the woman seemed to slowly lose her mind. Miriyako lost her status as ANBU and was demoted to academy training until she was again demoted to the night guard. When Sei was born, her mother fired all of their household help, and the home feel into disarray in every imaginable way.

The child hood of this girl was structured insanity. Her mother began her training the day that Sei turned four, beginning with hours of taijutsu training in the back of her mother’s sprawling estate. For her mother’s family had once been highly regarded, before her fall. She would train until the first few rays of sun shone through the mists, until the darkness drenched the landscape in nighttime gloom. She would train until her hands bled and tears drenched her cheeks; yet the sheer, twisted love in which her mother held for her only made Sei want to please the woman more. As she grew older and her public scorn grew more ferocious and apparent, Seikirai began to demand why. And such was when her mother finally told her of her heritage.

Miriyako told Sei, that her father was the legendary ninja and past MizuKage ,Uchiha Madara. The laugh that escaped from the girl’s lips upon this realization led to a less than savory punishment. Her mother pulled out a tanto and held the girl down, cutting a crude drawing of the Uchiha seal into her right upper arm. It explained everything, how could she be the daughter of a man who had disappeared and apparently died years ago. But her mother was a staunch believer. Sei never knew if it was an attempt to prove herself sane to others, or to prove herself; the next day threatened her daughter. Sei would either awaken her sharingan or never enter her mother’s house again. That night she moved into the servants past quarters ( a small relief, actually). But somehow in less than three months, she DID awaken her sharingan, Sei was 7.

This occurrence did not help her position; even if there was evidence that she had uchiha blood, the people refused to believe her mother’s story even more adamantly. She was supposed to enter the Academy that very summer, but a petition taken to the current Mizukage passed, and she was denied entrance. The girl was left to continue the intense training with her mother, until the crazed parent disappeared that is. One night a few days after Sei turned twelve, she woke up to a consistent “bump, bump, bump, bump, bump”. With a start she jumped up and darted to her mother’s room, from where the sound came. There was nothing, but the open window opening and closing from the wind.Despite her mother’s status as the village psycho, and her own label as the unwanted little demon; a search party was sent. But after a few weeks, nothing was found. She was taken into custody of the village; at which time, after viewing her abilities she was admitted into the academy. But thanks to her mother’s training, she was not being, if not ahead of her class.

Other: Seikirai’s greatest weaknesses are within herself, her own mind.; she inhibits herself at times, from merely over thinking and allowing her past to scar her present circumstance. Also, the girl is only half uchiha, so her true abilities or limits are unknown as it pertains to her blood line limit. But as of yet she has only unlocked her eyes up to the third tomoe on her right eye and the second on her left eye. She is still in need of more training to unlock it fully. It takes a toll on her to use the kekkai genkai, that is what Sei knows thus far. It uses up her chakra more than it would a full uchiha, and thus far it proves a problem for her stamina. But the pressure of being an outcast in her village weighs on her at times. Just like any girl she wishes to some extent to be accepted by those around her. And even Konoha has heard of her and looks down upon an uchiha in Kirigakure with distain. Her use of abilities must also be equally calculated. This is because although she has natural talent in the use of water techniques because her mother’s own substantial ability, it is in her nature to use fire techniques as well. So, using one over the other too often tends to wear her down. So, in battle her mind is constantly moving and calculating to figure out the moves she needs make to further her own stamina.

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Re: Zetsumei Seikirai - Kirigakure (Village Hidden in the Mist)

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