The Konohagakure Inn

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The Konohagakure Inn

Post  Chigiri Kokuzoku on Thu Jan 22, 2009 3:59 am

"Welcome to the Inn! Please, Enjoy your stay."

The Inn is always packed full of visitors from other countries; meaning there will only be a limited number of rooms available each day, so be sure to book your room in advance!
When you enter the building, to your left is a small reception desk; and three paths. To the left is the entrance to the locker room for the hot springs; girls to the right, boys to the left. The stairs in front of you lead to suits; there are three floors, each is marked clearly with a 1, 2, or 3*. And lastly, to the right is the bar room; fully equipped with any drink you could ever want, from the finest Sake to the cheapest booze! The back wall is also lined with our new line of slot-machines.
*For example; 3 is on the third floor, meaning if your room is 301, your on the Third floor, first door, or if your room is 302, it'll be the second door. Though each room will still be marked clearly with 301 or 302.

Current rooms available: 10
It's only 6,306.31 YEN for one night's stay!
We're also having a special for 36,036.04 YEN If you'd like to stay a week or more.

"The rooms are up the stairs, and we also have a full bar through that door to your right. Wait a second.. How old are you?"
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