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Please Read Before Posting

Post  Kaizen Toskimo on Sun Jan 11, 2009 2:52 pm

If you are thinking of posting an idea for the site. (e.x. A new way to decide who wins a battle) Please try to browse the site first, to make sure that your idea is not already in use. Also the staff would appriciate if you would please use the following format. Just to make things quicker for us, to browse over the idea.

Idea Name: (if there is one, this is actually just like a 1-4 word summary of the idea so we can see if we want to look into it further)
Improves Upon or Replaces: (This should be filled in if your idea is to replace or improve a current item in use.)
Detailed Discription: (This is where you will post at least a paragraph of information on your idea.)

Thanks for reading this, now get those ideas coming in!
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