Entance to Sunagakure

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Entance to Sunagakure

Post  Kaze Awai on Wed Feb 11, 2009 1:21 am

Entrance to Sunagakure

The entrance is a magnanimous wall that goes around all of Sunagakure. The wall has a layered design, as if one block was placed on top of another. The large blocks have years of wear and tear and are a light brown. It stands over 150 feet, and is at least 50 ft wide. It is a heavily guarded entrance that is nothing more than a giant space in the wall. A frontal attack would more than likely fail. There are two main guards waiting at the front of the entrance. At the top two more are stationed on each side. If an attack does hit an alarm will be sounded by the two on the bottom, the two sets on the top will then attack. More will come from nearby huts stationed not even 100ft by the entrance. During the day you can sit on the outside wall on small benches. Although there’s not much to see during the day the sunset is beautiful, with magnificent orange and red sunsets. During the night the guards switch off hourly. They switch out in a round so the entrance is never unprotected.

The entrance is grand and many come just to see the line of defense. And the intricate wall designs that have been drawn over the years by hooligans and historians. Great men have left their mark, whether they be guards or people who have fought battles. Also the sunset is beautiful. Nothing really happens there, do to the guards, but the kids try and trick them every once in a while.

During the day it is hot and can get to blistering heats, and the wind feels like a whip of fire, but at night the desert air is chilly. The sky is almost always clear, and the stars sparkle around the beautiful moon. Lovers stare at the moon and dream of a life without worries of war and fighting, and hopeful ninja's run to fight in the darkness. The entrance is the portal to the new and unknown, the dangerous and strange.

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