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Iwagakure Dojo Empty Iwagakure Dojo

Post  Zetsumei Seikirai Sun Feb 15, 2009 7:07 pm

Only the strongest ninja are allowed to maintain the title of Rock Shinobi; and training is the only way through which that title can be maintained. So, train hard and make your village proud!

Iwagakure Dojo Ouran_Dojo_by_VTPPGLVR

Enter through here and train! There are Jounin and Chuunin at your service to help your training, and there are 24/7 medical nin to make sure that you remain safe during your training. At least once a week you must train and show evidence of some sort of improvement if you want to get missions. You may train how ever you want but with no more than one other person. We want results but what is a village if we have no healthy nin?!?!

Iwagakure Dojo Dojo___Current_by_gotranto-1

THe high ceilings and wide open spaces makes it good for our well known intense training and jutsus. There are numerous training rooms that can be worked in privately or shared with others. We implore genin to begin working with more weapons and pushing boundaries because that is the only way to grow. Now make your village proud.


1. No godmodding in a duel
2. No more than two training at once
3. start one thread for all training (per person)
4. Contact admin and mods about wanting to learn a new jutsu
5. Have fun ^_^
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