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The Sand Dojo

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The Sand Dojo Empty The Sand Dojo

Post  Zetsumei Seikirai Mon Feb 23, 2009 6:25 pm

Welcome to the Dojo of Sunagakure no Sato.
This training facility is one of the best kept secrets in a village hidden in the sands. It is a beauteous piece of architecture combining modern achitectural design with the natural elements of the rock formations surrounding the city. A symbiotic relationship of new and old. Once you stumble upon the entrance, you may still question your own sanity, wondering how such a place could be the home of almost 20 different training areas.

The Sand Dojo Aztec_Butte_by_Obscurantic

Once through the front enterance other than the odd slopes of the walls and floors, one may not even know that they are walking within one of the deepest caves known to the Wind country. There are the deeper caverns that are reserved for the use of Chuunins and higher level ninjas because of the danger. These training rooms of sorts, are merely cavernous chambers carved into the rocks. There is little that can protect a ninja in the pitch darkness, far from the concerned ears of aid. There are no rules applied to these rooms, there have been a number of reported deaths and countless injuries. So please, if you are a lower level nin, be careful andstay in the safer training rooms.

The Sand Dojo Caverns_5_by_ArtFart82

The normal training floors are meant for the use of all nin. Patroling the areas are jounin and off duty ANBU ready to help the needy trainee. Do not feel embarassed if you find yourself in need of help, everyone is continuously learning. Duels are allowed, and is the favored way of many nin to train. But there are no team simulations, the fights are limited to one on one combat. These rules are and will be maintained by the patroling nin. If you are injured fear not, for there are numerous medical nin also patroling the chambers, quick to action. Do not forget in which any venue that you choose, you must train at least once a week or find yourself on probationary missions or none at all.

The Sand Dojo Dojo_Render_by_Silver_Reaper

1. One on one duels only
2. Do not disrespect your superiors
3. Be safe, try not to kill yourself or others
4. Push yourself, you shan't get better if you do not
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