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The Cloud Dojo

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The Cloud Dojo Empty The Cloud Dojo

Post  Reidokiri Jin Wed Mar 04, 2009 4:51 am

Doujou no Kumogakure~
The Cloud Dojo Dojo
-The finest training hall in all or the lightning country. Atop a squat mountain directly west of the shinobi village lies the gated dojo. All shinobi within the nation are permitted to enter here and train to their hearts content. However things aren't all fun and games, we of the cloud must be ever vigilant and strong in the face of adversity. As such we must be able to protect ourselves, our nation, and our Raikage with all that we have. If you come here for training it is important that you try until you feel you have made sufficient progress in your skills, hard training leads to prosperity.
The Cloud Dojo Dojo
-Once within these doors you shall be expected to grow, mature, and work hard towards your goals. The cloud is but a single foggy mass, yet in numbers they can block out the sun, and in fury they can shake the heavens. Medical nin are here to keep you from causing yourself undo harm and to help with minor wounds, or take you to the hospital in the case of an accident. There are jounin and chounin senpai here to help you along the way and point you on the right path towards progress.
The Cloud Dojo DojoinSilverspray
-Train with all your might; body, heart, and soul. For the pride of Kumogakure always keep moving onward and becoming greater. There is no limit, no height the cloud cannot reach.

1. No godmodding; violators will be stabbed, repeat offenders will be stabbed again.. Y'know... and possibly scolded or banned.
2. Up to two people training at once.
3. Separate threads are necessary for training or duels.
4. Duels can go as high as two on two.
5. When seeking to learn a new jutsu notify your local or global mods or admin.
6. Killing is forbidden within the Kumogakure dojo. Those showing murderous intent will be subject to suspension from training temporarily. Though we all know "accidents" do happen...
7. Have a good time, and post and play fairly. ^_^

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