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Post  Chigiri Kokuzoku Thu Jan 22, 2009 4:49 am

"Please turn over all weapons to the front desk when entering; You may retrieve them when leaving."
_+-Hospital-+_ NisabureLocation-KonohaHospital
Upon entering; the front desk is straight ahead, please check in first before roaming the halls. From the front desk; the hallway to the right leads to the patient wing*, past that is the E.R., please refrain from entering unless given permission. To the left of the Front desk is the Waiting room, followed by the conference hall; where aspiring medical ninja may seek training on the assigned days**. All other areas of the hospital are restricted to Non-Staff personnel.
*Visiting hours are from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM.
**The Conference hall opens every Monday and Wednesday during visiting hours.

"At the front desk you may purchase some of our fine medical supplies."

Food pills x5 - Increase small amounts of health at the cost of gaining 1000 calories; along with 634.63 YEN, of course.

Soldier Pills x3 - Increase small amounts of Health and medium amounts of Chakra. Costs only; 719.30 YEN!

Blood pills x5 - Refill's the body's natural amount of blood, while allowing severe wounds to clot faster. Costs 1,133.27 YEN.

Bandages x3 - Used to wrap around major wounds and slow blood loss, sometimes wrapped around fists, arms and legs to soften forceful blows to the user. Each roll is 4ft long. Only 519.302 YEN for all three!

Herbal medicine - Heals medium amounts of health when used. Can take up to a minute for full effect to spread through the system. Now just 1,401.54 YEN per dose!

Syringes - Small empty Syringes. Can be used to take samples of liquids; which can be useful in creating antidotes. Some people opt to fill these syringes with medicine or even poison. Currently 550.00 YEN.

Basic antidote
- Used to cure most known basic poisons. Sold in either vials or syringes; each costing 1,314.597 YEN.
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