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The Five Current Kage.

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The Five Current Kage. Empty The Five Current Kage.

Post  Zetsumei Seikirai Sat Feb 21, 2009 12:47 pm

((Alright guys this is a work in progress that i just worked on just because. lol. If anyone can find better pictures then let me know and we can post 'em here instead. That same thing goes for the descriptions too.))

From These men and women, mission assignments will be given and daily lives of ninja directed. Give to them your uptmost respect, they possess the highest seat within village heirarchies for a reason.
They are as follows

Tsukino Konpaku:
Is known as the Ghost of Sunagakure no Sato. The most ambiguous, most deadly ninja ever to roam the dunes of this land, rules over his fellow leaders as their head. The man is not known for his cruelty or for his kindness, merely for his efficiency as both a killer and a leader. In the past 6 years of his rule Suna has become stronger than under any other Kazikage before him. Although he possesses no allies with other countries, prefering neutrality he is a sought after affiliate. This, is he, meet your Kazikage.

The Five Current Kage. No_shadows_exist_by_Darkazriel-1

Watatsuki Hinote
The Hokage of Konoha is a true fire ninja, innovating almost 25 A and S level jutsu during his life time to enhance fire jutsus. He only recieved the position of hokage 2 years ago but thus far he seems to be a favorable match to the community. He is repected by his people and revered by his enemies. He is known as a bit of a lose cannon, with quite a jolly sense of humor that tends to conflict with the town council. He wears a scarlet kimono and neglects to wear any form of body armor, a product of well found arrogance. This, is your Hokage.

The Five Current Kage. Fire_by_Shimizu0800-1

Hayashi Chishio:
His name literally means Forest of Blood; the legend is definitely suiting of that name. It is said that he is harsh but fair; ruling with an iron fist over Kirigakure that has only made the nation stronger and more revered. Few have seen his face and lived to remember it; for he still continues to wear a version of the ANBU mask. Although fear is a tool of his, by which he maintains order, Chishio is an able politique manipulating the spectrum of alliances to his preferences.This, is your Mizukage

The Five Current Kage. Ninja_spd_2_by_ningyee7

Akiyama Dendou:
The Raikage is upon a pedastle of excelence. He is an extremely accomplished ninja who is said to be the greatest shinobi to ever have emerged from Kumogakure no Sato. His face is hidden behind a mask, as seems to be the tendency of most Kage, but does it more out of tradition than for secrecy. He is a master of lightning and other techniques which are considered the basis of the Lightning Village. He is probably the most well liked of all five kage, and has an open alliance with the Tsuchikage. This, is your Raikage.

The Five Current Kage. Ninja_Focus_by_fclubproject-1

Yamamoto Rairakku:
The current Tsuchikage is renowned for her power, skill, and prowess as a ninja. Yes, a woman but none should begrudge her that, she is a beauteous thing, and yet a destructive force of nature, able to overcome most any opposition. She is adored by her people and well known for her kindness and fierce loyalty to her fellows. This, is your Tsuchikage

The Five Current Kage. Tatsuki_Kimi___lineart_by_Pitty_cha
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