Shinobi: Kurokakumei
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'The Hive'

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'The Hive' Empty 'The Hive'

Post  Zetsumei Seikirai Mon Feb 23, 2009 5:50 pm

There is no better name for this center of interaction, the heart of Kirigakure. The actual living situation of this ninja community is unknown to all but those kiri dwellers. But, what is common knowledge is that this place is the center of much activity amongst those who live in Kiri. There is a market to purchase the foods, weapons, gear, and other supplies that are scarce within the confines of this forest. You will come to this place if you need purchases. Merely state what you need, and you shall be "hooked up" with the best possible deals. The council of Kirigakure also meets in this place. in the upper levels more important and secretive missions are assigned. This council also takes care of minor spats within the community. Remember though, there are commons areas along with the market, as the interior of the village is not exactly inviting, these are places in which members of the community can congregate. There are chambers in which to work out, a ramen bar, anything you could want, exists here.
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