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Post  Chigiri Kokuzoku Thu Jan 22, 2009 5:30 am

"Hello and welcome to the Library! We've got everything from A-Z!"
This small corner store began selling nothing but a small selections of books, but after demand began to increase, they gained more and more books; eventually turning into a library, the biggest the town has ever seen. Due to a new store promotion, they have begun to sell ninja specific items such as Scrolls, Training books, General ninjutsu information manuals, and even Explosive tags!
If you would like to locate a certain book; please ask the librarian on duty.

The Library StudyThe Library Librarysai

Scrolls - Blank scrolls, very basic. Sold for 446.77 YEN each.

Fake Explosive Tags x10 - Fake explosive notes are small pieces of scroll paper with the same set of seals on them as the real explosives notes. The difference is that they have no explosive materials infused in it. They are used to make the enemy think they are real explosive notes so they can make the opponent run from one place without using a real explosive note. The entire pack of 10 for only 729.52 YEN!

Explosive Tags x5 - Explosive Notes are small pieces of scroll paper with a set of seals on them and explosive materials infused in it, the Note has a wick on the side. When the wick is lit it takes about 4 seconds before the Note explodes, however if an explosion happens next to an exposed Explosive note they will instantly be brought into chain detonation. Packaged separately for safety. Just 1,011.95 YEN for a set of 5!

Ninjutsu Training Book - Used to give a basic understanding of most basic Jutsus. Only 893.55 YEN!

Taijutsu Training Book
- A very combat specific book, teaching many basic styles of combat. 843.59 YEN.

Genjutsu Training Book
- This book teaches the user the basics of creating and dispelling illusions. 901.95 YEN.

Romance Novel - The first in a now world-famous adult series. Must be 18 or older to purchase. Currently Out of Stock.

Fashion Magazine - A popular magazine among fashionable young Kunouichi. 288.06 YEN

"Steal from me and you'll be nothing but a pile of paper-cuts!"
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