Shinobi: Kurokakumei
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Graveyard! Empty Graveyard!

Post  Kaze Awai Wed Feb 11, 2009 1:26 am


The graveyard is along the outer wall of Sunagakure and is a monument to the fallen ninjas. The ninjas buried here died valiantly in battle. The graves have small decorated headstones with their family’s symbol on them. The headstones are in order by date of death. The ambiance is very depressing; it’s so quiet that you can hear a Senbon drop. During the night candles are lit to respect the dead, so that way they can always see the light. Also the lights are lit so that way the mourners are protected.

A list of the dead will be listed shortly. Please pay respect to those who have fallen. There should be only kind words spoken here. This is a sacred place.
Graveyard! Wind-graveyard

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