FAQ's # 1 - The Basics

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FAQ's # 1 - The Basics

Post  Zetsumei Seikirai on Sun Jul 26, 2009 7:38 pm

FAQ’s #1 – The Basics

The Down and Dirty Basics of Role Playing

RPG – Roleplay Game – A game in which you take on the role of a character and work with other characters to weave a story.

Where do I go to begin? First Go to Character Creation How to and read the rules. You will then begin a new thread, follow which ever application you decide to do and then wait for character approval.

How do I choose a village? That is all up to you. There are 5 villages Leaf, Mist, Rock, Cloud, Sand. Each have their own characteristics good and bad and in the Character Creation thread there are descriptions to aid in your decision. Read them carefully, because if you wish to change villages you will have to redo this entire process.

Academy Student: this is the level that all characters will begin at
Genin: Following graduation from the academy
Chuunin: This will be a higher rank after exams, as the platoon commander you will gain more responsibility.
Jonin: A higher Rank
Missing Nin: Those Shinobi that abandon their village
ANBU: The special opps of any village. Reserved for the best of the best.
Sennin: There are only 3 these are the great Sages
Kage: Village leaders The highest possible rank accomplished in a village


What are they? – Techniques (offensive or defensive) that ninja can use. To attain these you must have certain points given you. These can only be received through missions or training in the dojo.

There are 3 types of jutsu: Genjutsu, Taijutsu, and Ninjutsu.
Genjutsus are techniques dealing with illusion
Taijutsus are physical traditional combat techniques enhanced by chakra
Ninjutsus are tactics which mold chakra to perform an attack (i.e. forces, objects, etc.)

Chakra is a person’s life force, and the art of the ninja is the ability to tap into this power and manipulate it.


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