Sunagakure Town Square

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Sunagakure Town Square

Post  Kaizen Toskimo on Sun Jan 18, 2009 5:41 pm

Sunagakure's town square is a thriving market place. It sells many rarities that can only be found in the desert; such as rare spun glass, finely woven blankets, and of course top of the line ninja garb. It also specializes in selling combat puppets, there is one for every person! There are practice puppets for the eager students and genin; mid level puppets for the young experienced chuunin; and the hand crafted, incredibly dangerous puppets, useful only to the extremely well trained puppeteer. But this square is also useful for buying many other things as well. Some sell their herbal remedies and others the food that they have imported from other villages, both rareties but valuable in their right.

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