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Hansoui Shinto-Kumogakure

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Hansoui Shinto-Kumogakure Empty Hansoui Shinto-Kumogakure

Post  Hansoui Shinto Mon Feb 16, 2009 7:45 am

Name: Hansoui Shinto

Age: 13

Personality: Shinto is detached and logical, a no nonsense type. He always takes things seriously and can sometimes come across as arrogant because he does not always stop and explain a conclusion that he comes to naturally, thinking that if the others were intelligent enough they would make the same conclusion and if they weren’t then they should just follow him anyway.
Shinto firmly believes in cold logic over emotion.
Having learnt early on that emotion only gets in the way of the logical decision, placing people and objectives in danger. He is strategic and cunning in a fight, preferring to allow his opponents to wear themselves down fighting illusions before even stepping in to the fight himself.
He can seem somewhat inhuman at times as he doesn’t feel any emotions, that isn’t to say he doesn’t have them, they are they, he has just learnt to let them flow through him without affecting him.
Shinto will always pretend to be polite and pretends to care about things that all other people would. This is just to avoid conflicts and unnecessary attention.

Appearance: Shinto is very slight and rather thin, he is not obviously muscled but like any Shinobi, he is still incredibly fit.
Although he is not as strong as some others in his age group, he is outstandingly quick and very agile. Because he is not as strong as some other ninja he incorporates his two Tambo sticks into most of his Taijutsu.
Shinto is relatively good looking, which is mostly a hindrance to him as he finds that fawning girls do nothing but get in the way.
His dark brown hair is wild, naturally spiky and uncontrollable, which is why he keeps it relatively short though it still sticks out at odd angles.
Shinto’s face is slightly more rounded than angular; yet he still manages some sharp features, such as his defined jaw and subtlety apparent nose. His other features are not so overly noticeable, but are coupled handsomely with the other aspects of his long face.
His eyes though stand out from his otherwise dark features, they are almost the color of stone, bolt grey with large irises that can almost draw you inside them; the color combined with his steely, blank and unwavering gaze can have the effect of disconcerting some people if he stares for too long.
He wears a short sleeved, dark blue jacket that is loose cut and zipped up at the front. It has a heavy collar that interrupts the black stripe which runs from it’s sleeves and across it’s shoulders.
Shinto wears long black sandaled boots that reach almost to his knees. They are thin leather, open at the toe and are light weight despite their heavy appearance. They are also flexible material so provide a minimal protection to his legs without compromising his agility, the boots are commonplace among the garb of the Kumo Nin. They also conceal the Strong leather and mesh shin guards he wears beneath them, the same type of material shirt he always wears concealed beneath his jacket.
His legs are covered by straight leg blue shorts, the material a strong mixture of cloths and fibers. They breathe but easily protect him from the elements. The blue fabric has several pouches attached to it, including the holsters for kunai on his right leg, the leather strap wrapped over athletic tape.
Shinto carries his two Tambo sticks at an almost horizontal angle across his lower back through leather loops on black material belt.
Shinto wears his ninja headband on his forehead, where it helps to keep his hair from his face. His most noticeable accessory however is a rather large Greenstone fish hook earing, it is completely smooth as if carved from the center of a larger stone, it catches the light in a way that hints a t a mysterious depth. It was given to him by his father and Shinto uses it’s eye catching appearance as a medium to perform a lot of his Genjutsu

Bunshin no Jutsu - Clone Technique
Henge no Jutsu - Transformation Technique
Kai – Release
Kahen Tonsou no Jutsu – Flower Petal Escape Technique
Magen • Narakumi no Jutsu - Demonic Illusion • Hell Viewing

Jou-Sacchi no Jutsu - Emotion Sense
Gansaku Denka – Fake Charge
Kanjouinyuu lvl1

Equiptment: Shinto carries the standard equipment for any shinobi, though he carries more Shuriken than kunai; preferring them even though they inflict less damage and require more skill to master. He also utilises smoke bombs but, his foremost piece of equiptment however are the two wooden fighting sticks he carries across his back; these he incorporates into most of his taijutsu.

Shinto started off in life like any other normal child. He was loved by his parents and brought up in the ways of his village, raised to be respectful of his elders, courteous to his peers and above all to adhere to the virtues of Duty and Honor. Shinto always did as he was told and stayed out of trouble, consequently he stayed beneath notice for most of his younger years.
Very early on however his successful aversion to unwanted attention was thwarted when his unique trait emerged.
Shinto discovered his advanced ability to read the emotions of the people around him and their primary emotional state. This ability was previously unheard of in his family and his parents were shocked to discover it; however they were accepting people and trusted their son not to abuse his gift.
The other occupants of the hidden cloud however saw the ability in a different light, it frightened them. He couldn’t read their minds, but with a suspicious public it was not a farfetched possibility.
The villager pretended to act normally around him because his parents were both respectable Shinobi and he was yet to do anything wrong. Shinto knew what they really felt though because they could not hide their true feelings from him, he sensed their fear whenever they saw him, felt their panic when they ran into him unexpectedly. He knew they hated him that they feared him for knowing their private emotions.
He grew to resent them all, wishing that he could go somewhere where no one knew what he could do.
Shinto had many long conversations with his father on the matter, seeking advice. His father’s opinion was that Shinto should pity the people, to rise above the petty fears and prove to them that he was a good person. He may have been right but shortly afterwards Shinto’s father disappeared unexpectedly while on a mission.
Shinto’s mother left to look for him, Leaving Shinto on his own. She never returned either.
It’s been months since they left and, according to the Raikage’s aids, the matter is being investigated. Shinto has by this point learned to not let his emotions affect, he did as his father said and rose above the petty fears, but he took it one step further, he sought to rise above all emotion, to use it as a tool when necessary, to manipulate it to his benefit.
Yet he still feels a sense of duty to find his parents, he tried to plead his case to anyone who could be of help, he always got the same response, the matter was being investigated. Finally, Shinto has decided to train and become a competent shinobi then take matters into his own hands.
Thus he has developed Jutsu that will allow him to manipulate the emotions of himself and others, and fulfill his duty.

Other: Shinto’s style focuses primarily on Genjutsu, weakening his opponents before advancing to a physical confrontation as a last resort.
To perform majority of his Genjutsu Shinto uses his eye catching earring which was given to him by his father as an heirloom.

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Hansoui Shinto-Kumogakure Empty Re: Hansoui Shinto-Kumogakure

Post  Zetsumei Seikirai Mon Feb 16, 2009 10:51 am

Interesting sheet, love. XD
This was a completely different direction than I expected you to take but i like it.
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