Guide #3 - Moving in Rank

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Guide #3 - Moving in Rank

Post  Zetsumei Seikirai on Sat Jan 17, 2009 3:38 pm

Because we like to repeat things on this site over and over so that everything is understood, we are going to do so again. ^_^

There are 7 ranks of ninja on this site:
(from the lowest rank to the highest rank)
1. Academy Student
3. Chuunin
4. Jounin
5. Missing Nin (optional)
7. Kage

First off every character will begin as an academy student. There will at first be no more than announcements that will be leading the classes (because no one is high enough rank to teach classes --- something that will be remedied later). In the academy there WILL be a number of tests and requirments demanded of students so that they may graduate. But, this will be at the designation of your village's mods and such. A stay in the academy can last a week to a month depending upon how studious you are. Because, there will be teacher posts every one or two days. To pass the academy the final exam must be passed, which again is dependent upon the village. For example in Kirigakure you must kill another academy student but in konoha you must accomplish a small mission.

Once you recieve your genin rank, you will also be assigned a three or four man team, and will work upon a number of missions. Slowly, depending upon the success or failure of these missions your character will work their way up the level of missions. When the chuunin exams occur (has not yet been decided when) perhaps once a month or maybe more, all of the genin will apply to their supperiors for entrance. (the set up for this has not yet been decided upon) but if you pass the tests then you will be able to raise to the rank of chuunin.

Once a chuunin you will be put in charge of your platoon of 4 and continue to pursue missions of higher rank. And once your mission success rate and your jutsu level are just right (again under construction) you may contact your moderator, or your moderator will contact you and elevation to Jounin status can be discussed in greater detail.

Now once a jounin it is much more difficult to pursue elevated status. You will be given increasingly dangerous missions to pursue. and again you will increase your standing in your community until your superiors find it appropriate to raise you to the level of ANBU if such is to happen. this means you cannot slack off, and must continue to work hard to train and get the missions.

At this point you may choose to become a missing nin if the life of a good ninja does not suit you. but to do this you must be at least a Chuunin and even then we (admin) will not be 100% behind you leaving your village. What you need do if you become a missing nin is as follows
1. Prepare a 350 word explanation as to why you are leaving
2. Another 350 word explanation as to what you intend to do as a missing nin.
3. Justify yourself why should you be allowed to become a missing nin over another.

ANBU are the best of the best. These are the top fighters within a community and demand respect. they are the ones who get the most dangerous missions (at times) and are around to protect their village. Not every ninja chooses to become an ANBU merely for the fact that some missions are not given to them because they are needed at the village. But personally, these black-ops groups are my favorite society in any community.

Only the 5 best ninja, most wise, well trained, most successful ninja are put in the position of KAGE. They are the village leaders and are completely devoted to it and its people. They are to be protected by the ANBU and are specialized in some area of fighting. They are to be prepared to die for their village, to protect it at all costs. Espcially in the current age of the ninja wars.

One must also remember that being a ninja is not all about fighting. There are jobs that can be held on the side as well. There are advisors to the Kage, there are medical nin, academy teachers, police of sorts, jailers, etc. Choose what you want to do wisely.


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