Guide #4 - Your Jutsus Pt. 2

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Guide #4 - Your Jutsus Pt. 2

Post  Zetsumei Seikirai on Sat Jan 24, 2009 3:35 pm

How to Learn New Jutsu?

Well since we have already spoken upon how each person is to to keep track of the jutsus effectively, let us now touch upon how a character may learn more jutsu, furthering their knowledge.

1. First you need to evaluate your character's situation.
- How quickly does your character learn?
- What types of jutsus are his/her strength?
- What Rank are they?
- How often are they devoted to training?
* These questions are going to first of all dictate which jutsus you are going to try and learn. If your character learns slowly then it will take a bit longer to learn a jutsu, obviously. You character should be staying within their comfort zone. You wouldn't have a tai user learning advanced genjutsu. And again, if you are a genin you are not going to be learning an S ranked jutsu. And the amount of time AND EFFORT that is devoted to training will dictate whether or not they will learn the jutsu. You can train every day but if it is not quality then what purpose does it serve?

2. Once you have decided upon the jutsu that you wish to learn you are going to do both of these things.
A. Create a Post in your training thread, stating the Jutsu the you wish to learn.
- You are only ever going to have one training thread, posting all training in that place.
B. Contact the Me and then the moderator in charge of your village's dojo stating which jutsu you wish to train for.

3. One of us will post to you the syllabus of that jutsu.
* this syllabus will entail a number of things:
- There will be the lowest number of days that it will take to learn the jutsu
- The things the should be included in that day's training (meditation, hand seals, kicks, chakra control) that sort of thing
- Whether or not you should be training with someone else (higher ranked members will be available to teach and spar (its part of their/our job)
- There will also be a detailed description of actually how to complete the jutsu. (this is just a suggestion as to how to go about training; a sort of step by step thing.)

4.You will then Post.
- This post should be detailed and well written. We are not asking for 6 pages of writing, heck a half a page will do. Everything revolves around the quality of the post.

5. Following your post the admin or the earlier contacted ninja in charge of your dojo will evaluate the post. Now, each day a percentage of the jutsu learned will be posted for you. if the Jutsu takes 4 days to learn. Then the maximum % of the jutsu that can be learned per day is 25%. But that is only the maximum. If you post is not up to par, then a lesser percentage will be granted you. But in some cases (upon evaluating your character's learning curve) as well as the quality of your post, you may be granted a higher percentage. Such is an extraordinarily rare instance.

Alright upon following these steps and eventually learning the jutsu involved you may want to instantly learn another one. I am sorry to say that this is not an option for you or anyone.
- For one, you are only allowed to have 3 training posts a week. So, use them wisely.
*- There is a grace period between learning one jutsu and another. This period depends upon the jutsu that you had just learned. It can range from 3 to 8 days.

This is not to say that you are not allowed to do anything between them. Because you need a certain level of chakra as well as a complete mastery of a jutsu to improve upon another; a break is a good thing to take. But during these breaks would be the best time to take a mission or something of the like. This can not only increase your status and chakra control (something which will be evaluated at the end of a mission), but also allows you something to do when you aren't training.

**if you are lets say 90% done learning a jutsu and then decide to take a mission. Within that mission if you want to use that jutsu, you may. (It will not be as powerful as if you had learned it completely, but you can still use it.) ^_^ Or, if you don't use it but have a success we may evaluate that as having enough practice to grant you a "jutsu completion"


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