Guide #2 - Your Jutsus Pt. 1

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Guide #2 - Your Jutsus Pt. 1

Post  Zetsumei Seikirai on Wed Jan 14, 2009 6:57 pm

Now jutsus are a funny thing. How do you make a character knowledgeable without portraying the air of a godmodder? How do you keep your jutsus in order? How will your oponents know what you can do? The biggest problem is the organization of a player's abilities, and how to keep them at a reasonable human level. Kaizen found the answer (major props given him). And that answer if the character generator on each player's profile.

1. Go to your character's profile.

2. Somewhere under your avatar there will be a button the says 'GENERATE'.
Press it.

3. A small table will appear that has ten slots. YOu will slowly fill these ten slots with your jutsu.

4. You will begin as a student, so your jutsu will be D and E level. But as you grow you will gather more and more powerful jutsu. With these you will fill your table

*those ten spaces are not a maximum number of jutsu that you are allowed to know*
In these slots, though, should be your strongest and your most used jutsu.
If you get to the point where you know too many jutsu to fit in that table, make a note of it in your character bio or something of the like. Then, contact your admin and we will se what we can do about it. ^_^ Please and thank you.
**If you don't have a note like this, then any jutsu not on your list will not be acceptable.**


Thanks to Cdawgg [RPGFO]
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