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The Mist Dojo.

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The Mist Dojo. Empty The Mist Dojo.

Post  Zetsumei Seikirai Sat Jan 31, 2009 12:53 pm

UERUKAMU. This, is the Kirigakure no Sato dojo.

The Mist Dojo. 3f555a46a49a3747-1

Once you enter through these doors you are no longer Students, Genin, Chuunin, Jounin, or ANBU. You are all ninja and there shall be no quarter given because of rank. So, train wisely. Choose your partners with care. Trust no one but yourself. And know, only through training can anyone achieve the excellence expected of Kirigakure nin. Make your Mizukage proud, prove yourself to your village and your country, convince your comrades that you are deserving their respect. If you do not learn anything here, if you do not train well, then you will have more to fear than merely falling behind your fellow nin in skill.

The Mist Dojo. Green_Dragon_Dojo_by_KaanaMoonsh-1

There are two levels of training, The Ranpu rooms and the Kumori Rooms. The former is the room presented above. These rooms are not of lesser quality, but they are safer and rules apply to them. This is the room that all ninja under Jounin rank should remain in, to train. This is for the safety of nin of lesser experience. A little welcoming jutsu, the dragon, is you Kage's welcome

1. There shall be no killing.
2. Duels of one on one only. No larger combat.
3. You must have overseers to mediate any duel.
4. You may request aid if need be. (for training or medical attention)

This is all for your betterment, you see, your village does care for your well being. There are medical nin through all of these rooms and even throughout the Kumori rooms. But, be aware it is quite some trek to the hospital. So, it is the suggestion of your elders that you attempt not to get wounded to badly.

But in these rooms, you may train alone with several people or with a higher ranked shinobi. But, if you wish to duel you must state so before hand and retrieve a referee. You may train tai, nin, or genjutsu; but again, before hand you must tell an admin, ANBU, or Kage what that jutsu is that you are training. For, you may only work on one at a time. So, in closing...BE WISE in what you do here, because we are always watching.

The Mist Dojo. 1111

These are the Kumori rooms. You are a brave soul to train here; for, the regulations of the other rooms do not apply. There are no regulations of duels, there are only 2 med nin for all of the rooms here, and these fights can be to the death if need be. Only the high level nin should be training here, but that is not a rule. If a lesser nin comes to train, then he or she is to be treated as any other nin would be. If you are going to train a skill again, contact your superiors first to be supplied with a syllabus, describing what is expected of a trainee.

As you can see...blood stains the floors here. If there is not, then you are not training enough. Kirigakure no Sato will only accept the best shinobi. Impress us.

1. No godmodding
2. Let mods know when and what you are going to train
3. One thread per person for traing alone and separate threads per duels
4. Training is not all duels, there must be private sessions as well

That is all. Enjoy.
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